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How do you communicate with clients?

How do you communicate with clients?

What tools/web apps do you use?

Email, Skype, Slack are the commonly used tools (by me). :wink:

I’ve found it’s far less about what method you use to communicate with them. Instead, it’s about how you communicate with them. What questions do you ask? How deeply do you try and understand their goals and their business? Are you answering/replying immediately or does your client end up having to wait for you? Do you professionally set expectations and hold the client as accountable as your hold yourself?

Having said all that, I use phone a great deal. Email is also nice for follow ups and milestones because it keeps everything together in once place.

Skype/FaceTime are awesome, but make sure you’re dressed nicely and in an environment that seems professional. It may seem superficial, but we live in a world where people make snap decisions based on those things, so it’s always nice to go above and beyond to ensure you come across as the best version of yourself as possible. :sunglasses:

Most clients in professional industries (lawyers, doctors, architects, etc.) aren’t looking to install and learn Slack if they’re not already using it, but I agree with @VladimirVitaliyevich that it’s very helpful, especially if you’re working as part of a group.


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