How do remove "Get template badge"

I can’t find a way to remove the “get template badge” on my footer. I’ve already turned off the setting for webflow branding but can’t seem to get rid of this. Anyone know?

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 9.43.22 AM

Hi there!

Mind sharing a read-only link?

Hello, Melissa. Did you fix the issue? I got same question about how to remove the “Get Template badge”.

I have the same issue. Template is purchased but badge is there for some reason

If anyone expects help they need to share the read-only to the project as indicated when posting.

I am having this problem too.

Any help greatly appreciated

I believe this is related to →

A paid site plan or Growth, Agency, or Enterprise Workspace is required to remove Webflow branding.

Actually, I have done it now. I needed to manually delete the badge in the footer of each individual page.

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