How Do I Use The Webflow Default Submission Form Message with

So I use for my newsletter and integrated it with my webflow form. However, when I submit the email address it goes to the website to show the success message. Is it possible to use the default webflow success/error message with an integrated form? I would prefer the users to remain on the site instead of being redirected for the messge.

Here is the site:

Hello @dapitts08,

If you change your URL success on form button submission, then you can drive them back to your home page.

  1. Select the submit button
  2. Navigate to the settings panel
  3. Update the Redirect URL to go to the desired page. :smile:

thanks for the quick reply.

i tried that and it is still redirecting to my site on form submission.

am i missing something?

Does anyone have any thoughts here? Am I doing something wrong with the redirect? It is still not working correctly. Even with the homepage url added it still goes to the external site on submission. I really would like to be able to go live with my site today but getting the CTA right is extremely important. Thanks in advance for your help.

​It seems like doesn’t have a way to have a return URL after form data has been submitted to it. Can you check with to see if it is possible to return to a URL?

​If it is, then you can create a custom thank you page that will show up after the form submission.

here is the response i received from the folks at curated…considering I have no idea how to manipulate the api i am guessing my only option is to use webflow’s built in functionality and import my new subscribers to curated manually:

Hi Davida,

At the moment this isn’t possible with the copy-and-paste form, I’m afraid. But it is on our list of new features that we’ll be looking at adding in the near future.

If you need this right now, there is an alternative which involves writing your own subscription form and having it send us the new subscriber details via our API. If you do this, subscribers can stay on your website for the whole subscription process. However, this is more complex to set up, and requires you to write some custom code on your website.

Here’s our support article on using our subscription API, to give you some idea of what would be involved:

Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

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