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How do I use the Annotation feature on right side of preview pane?

Can anyone point me to the tutorial / info / intro link for the annotation feature? Most curious!


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It’s so frustrating. When I preview the desktop version, this (seemingly useless) tab is eating up a good chunk of the right side of my site. Not sure if it’s a bug, or if I’m unable to find how to close it.

Or maybe the webflow team is pulling a halloween prank on us? In which case, I’m gonna need loads of candy to make up for the time I spent trying to close that thing :laughing:


Yup, anyone know how to close it?

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Yupp. Same here. How do you remove it? I hate it so much that I HAD to come to the forums to complain. Toggle on/off, sure. Forcing me to use it, while taking up valuable screen real-estate? PASS.

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Hey y’all - this is a little project we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes, but didn’t mean to show on production as we’re still in heavy testing and development. We’re pushing out a fix to get rid of it, and we’ll keep everyone in the loop when we have more to share down the road!

Thanks for the patience in the meantime :pray: