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How do I turn off responsiveness?

I want to turn off the responsive design element. I would like it to look the same it does on the desktop as it does on all the other devices. I want to do this because it looks like complete crap on the other devices. I have no idea why they act like this is such an “amazing” feature. It’s not done well, they just basically just resized everything horribly and stacked it ontop of eachother. It looks soooo bad. I am soooo pissed because I created my entire webiste and then I was like oh crap how do it look on mobile… oh it looks like total crap. GREAT. Is there something I can turn off to make it just look the same on mobile as it does on desktop?

P.S. I use to use adobe muse and since they have stopped updating their builder it’s just obsolete now. I can’t even download it on my new mac book. So I have been on a serious search for a builder that’s similar to it. I thought webflow was okay but then ran into this horrific issue. It is just such a shame because I loved adobe muse so much and can’t really find anything to compare. I figured while I had you all here maybe I could ask if anyone has any suggestions on other builders? I prefer offline ones… where you just export the design and then upload it to your cpanel.