How do I style the default button without adding a class?

I have a bit of code to display the cart “Add to Cart” on a website. All works fine.

On the mobile version, the button style is being overridden by iOS and looked horrible. @Foxy say to add the default w-button class to the code. Having done that, I now have the default blue button, and the same on mobile (iOS).

How do I style the default Webflow button? :face_with_monocle:

If I add a style, it obviously adds a class. If I give a class of w-button the button is then labelled _w-button w-button so is not the same.




Share link is included below, code and buttons are located on the CMS “Items Page”

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Hi @magicmark

I have a button on a hidden page styled how I want it, and named ‘buy-button-style’

Then the arrowed line in your screenshot - in the embed looks like this:

<input class="buy-button-style w-button" type="submit" value="Add To Basket" />

Hope that helps!

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Thank you!!! :hugs:

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