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How do I split a secure area for subscribers? Can e-commerce help?

I have a website that has a secure area, with entry available for subscribers only. The secure area has been generated via Sentry Login.

There’s a huge amount of data, set out in the form of reports, in the secure area, which are all provided via the CMS.

This has worked well so far, but now I desperately need to enable people who subscribe to gain access to only certain areas of the secure area.

For instance, if there are 4 subscribers, who all pay a different level of subscription, once they enter the secure area:

  1. Subscriber 1 can only access ‘Blue’ Reports.
  2. Subscriber 2 can only access ‘Red’ Reports.
  3. Subscriber 3 can access everything.
  4. Subscriber 4 can only access reports on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Is this possible? I’ve tried to think how to do this with the e-commerce function, but can’t work it out.

I realise that the ‘registration and login’ options from webflow are now in ‘backlog’, whatever that means (probably another 1-2 years before we may get it), but I’m now in a position whereby I can’t wait so long.

Do I need another external provider? If so, who would be best for this and how easy would it be to implement? Oh and I can’t code.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Every subscriber list you create has a default subscriber field for “Name”, which gets split into first and last names.

Thanks, @TuanKiet1126
Not entirely sure I know what you mean.
How do I ensure that each subscriber, once entered into the secure area, can only see the relevant reports?

Webflow isn’t capable of that; you would need an external site to handle user accounts and view permissions.

@Brentnauer Yes, I sort of know that, but wondered if there is some kind of workaround or if it can be implemented somehow using the new e-commerce capabilities.

Failing that, does anyone know if there an external provider that Webflow has either teamed up with, or other users have had a good experience with in implementing such a system with a Webflow site, that I can look into?

@PixelGeek do you know of any that are friendly to a non-coder!? Also would you be able to feed back to the relevant person at Webflow the urgency of the most popular item on the Wishlist and if there’s any update on that? That would be much appreciated! :smile:

Any thoughts - anyone?!

We have a custom setup that uses Firebase! There are tutorials in this forum.

This would be best done with a custom coded website or perhaps there are some third party plugins for webflow - not too sure.

Has been discussed before: Member login system

Realistically, complex permissions and real security would require some degree of custom coding.