How do I reverse text slider with still background?

I’m new to webflow… Migrating from Adobe Muse. I purchased a template that incorporates a slider on the home page. The slider only affects the text and leaves the image background still. I need to reverse this so that the text is still and only the image behind it rotates. My newbie-ness to webflow is keeping from doing what I believe should be somewhat trivial.

Can anyone offer some advice?

Here is my site Read-Only: [][link]

Hi Kelly,

That is, do you want the text to be cross-cutting and not changed on the next slide?

Yes. The text stays still and only the photo slide

Sorry for the quality of the video, now not at home and with bad Internet connection.

Like this?

WOW… thank you! You went above and beyond here.

Much appreciated. =)

Glad to help you :v:️:blush: