How do I retrieve a record from AirTable from Webflow

Hi we are trying to retrieve a record from Airtable into our Webflow forms. How do we do that? Can anyone assist? Thanks


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You can use Zapier to connect Airtable and Webflow.

We want to retrieve a specific customer related record from the database. How is this possible? Dont think it can be achieved via Zapier.

This video describes how to find specific records in Airtable using Zapier. Once the record has been found then Zapier should connect to the Webflow CMS in the regular way. Does this help?

If your goal is to display the customer info from Airtable in the form, then that’s not possible. You can only display what is in the CMS.

You can solve it by either copying your Airtable data to the CMS, or by using an embedded Airtable form instead (which will allows pulling data from the customer table if it is linked to your form’s table).


Without understanding the full workflow you are looking to achieve it is hard to give specific advice however if you do manage to pull specific records from Airtable into the CMS using Zapier then this information could obviously be included in a Webflow form. Hope this helps.

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Hi our goal is to check if a user has paid the subscription fee which will be recorded in Airtable and then if paid, they will be shown a certain set of pages. If unpaid, they will be directed to a subscription page to pay. So, do we need to store this in the CMS or Airtable or both?

thanks for the video. will check it out.

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Ahh, it sounds like you are creating user membership functionality. There are a few options that can help with creating membership areas.

Here is some information on the available Webflow integrations.

And some information on Memberstack

Thanks but we don’t want to be tied to Memberstack. We use Chargebee, which is much better. Can we record subscription payments in a database and then read from Airtable per other member suggestions?

You can’t “read from an Airtable database” from Webflow or vice versa but you can use Zapier to push data from one platform to the other. The suggestion from JudoHacker was to embed an Airtable form into your Webflow page which is typically done by using an iframe. Think of this as creating the form in Airtable and then putting a window frame inside your Webflow webpage that contains the contents of an Airtable webpage which has the form on it. This is not the same as Webflow “reading” data from Airtable.