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How do I rename a class?

Hi there! How do I rename a class?

Found it! Go to Style in the upper right, then click on the wrench next to the class name.

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I would like to be able to rename a class or id in the settings panel as well, which is where I want to change it 75+% of the time.

Last tab on webflow design mode. You just click that icon on right side and you can edit the name.

Totally @rchrdnsh we’re working on adding renaming in the inspector (in the style panel or settings panel).

great @sergie, glad to hear it. On a related note, would love to see a product roadmap so that I don’t need to ask about these features in the future. Saves both of us time and energy :slight_smile:



I do not see this option anymore?

I do not see this option either. @thesergie @liberrtines There is no wrench on the right side. How do i fix this?

What operating system and what browser are you guys on?

Good morning! I’m using Chrome and Mozilla and I’m on Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8.1, Google Chrome