How do I remove the navigation menu cross?


How do I remove the navigation menu cross? Or move it to show within the menu?

The cross does not appear when I am in the Webflow editor.
I can’t seem to find any past posts that address this issue.

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Hey there, it looks like that cross isn’t there in my view. But after 6 hours, I’m assuming you were able to solve the problem?


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Hi Traci,

I haven’t found a solution yet.

If you reduce the width and scroll down to where there is an image, the cross is there. However, when the screen is wide, like your screenshot, since the cross is white, it’s not visible on a white background.

Thanks for looking into this.

On the Navbar Menu Button class you have a “mouse click” interaction that applies opacity: 1; display: block; to the class navigation-cross.

  • class with interaction


  • Mouse click tigger applied to show image element with navigation-cross class on first-click


  • Look at the “Show Navigation Cross” interaction settings and adjust or remove
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Wow. Word. That was nested deeply in the navbar section of the navigator. Thank you. I don’t think I would’ve been able to find this without your help.

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