How do i prevent horizontal scrolling across an entire site?

Hey, I’m struggling with stopping horizontal scrolling on our site. I have changed overflow to none on all sections apart from the header, as well as limiting the width of the pages, but it can still be scrolled.

Please can someone help me?

Can you share the read only link to the site?

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Here is the read-only link

Put a max width on the Sections (FN Section 1 and FN Footer First) with the scrollers in, and set to relative positioning. Worked for me.

I tried this but when published it still doesn’t work

Did you also change the positioning to relative? With Static positioning, the scrollers still overflow, but change it to relative, it fixes it (in the editor at least)

They’re still both set to static on the read only.

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Ahhh Mathew, absolute legend. That’s fixed it. Thank you so much!