How do I position elements so that the following layout scales appropriately?

I have been trying countless variations of margin and padding on different elements and parent elements for the following layout but it always gets out of shape as the browser size changes while I am also struggling to get each piece fully aligned.

I am trying to get the headings to stay on the same horizontal axis and the paragraphs to start on the same horizontal axis while trying to get the logo to position itself slightly to the left and centre of heading/paragraph combo.

I have had several issues with logo changing size, headings and paragraphs getting out of shape etc. and would really appreciate some help if anyone has experience with setting the elements in the correct way so that it scales and maintains proportions properly.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Adaptive Analysis [Revamp 1]

@adaptiveio The main issue was with your layout. You have to make the layout as I have made here: Webflow - Wahab's Amazing Site

Hopefully, it will help.

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