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How do i place text on an image?

Is there a way to have text over an image without having the image set as the background.

I want it to look something like the image below

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Den Åbne Scene Fyn 2

hi @Staugaard here is how to

but feel free to visit Webflow University to learn how to work with this platform or as your request is not directly related to WF you can use any browser to find some CSS tutorials about positioning.

Thanks a lot it works! But the Heading doesnt scale the same way as the navbar does. Is there any way i can make them always be in line with each other? when changeing resolutions?

@Staugaard you can convert the pixels to ems on smaller break points. Check out: Wizardry - A Responsive Technique (

Hi @Staugaard my tip is using CSS clamp(min, base, max) at least it always work for me when is coming to responsive text size