How do I override iOS Safari applying link styles

Hi Webflow folk,

I have a bit of an odd issue here. On this page Our People, the line that has the label FSP and followed by a number, in phones iOS/Safari, the number for the last person listed is being styled by Safari as though it is a link (using the annoying default blue and underlined).

Not sure why it’s doing this for just this person but I suspect it’s because this person’s FSP number is 7 digits, not 6 as with the 3 above, and Safari is treating it as though it were a phone number (?).

I’ve tried to override the Safari styling targeting the class with color:#000000 !important; and text-decoration: none !important; but it’s not working.

Does anybody have a solution for getting what I want rather than what Safari wants?


Here is the project

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Add this meta to your site head

Thank you! That looks like it’s done the trick.