How do I number the slides in the "slide nav" instead of using the circles

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Hi there, I was wondering if any samaritan could lend me a helping hand with the following problem:

I have added a slide to my webflow site and I wish to change the “slide nav” from selectable circles to numbers, for example 1/60. This is all because my collection has 60 items and the default “slide nav” would show all 60 circles, I prefer the numbers.

My current gallery:

The gallery I wish to have:

This is my actual script to set the collection inside the slider but I also need to add the “slide nav” part I have been talking about:



If you take a crack at my problem I thank you for your time in advance.

Álvaro P.

That is not an option with the webflow slider. You should investigate the options of third-party ones to see if there is a fit. With webflow you can only have slide numbers appear inside the circle (or square) as labels. It may also be possible to write custom code to do it.