How do I move hosting from Personal to a Team Account?

I just finished creating our company website on Webflow and bought a hosting plan build annually. We then realised it was possible to have several accounts working on the same website and created started a team plan.

The only issue is that the website is currently hosted on my individual profile and it’s impossible to add a team member to it or to transfer the hosted project without having to cancel an annual billed hosting plan that I literally took yesterday.

Any quick fix to not lose our annual billed hosting plan?

Hello @Greg_Lienart,

I’ve personally had to do something similar to this. Webflow Support was able to help me out :slight_smile:

Send in a support ticket and they should get back to you sometime Monday with a course of action. Scroll down to the form here: Webflow Support


I need to do the same but when I try to contact Support for anything I go around in circles with the Chatbot. How do we contact Support directly?

make a copy of the website, un-select the option to transfer/copy hosting options.

then add it to your team.

a bit of a hack but it worked for me without having to go through support, where wait times are 1-2 days (!)

@Lindsay_Pettingill how did you handle the hosting portion? Did you purchase a second hosting plan?