How do I minimise an asset folder?

I run a property website with lots of images, all put in asset folders. The problem is I can’t minimise the folders and can’t see all of the contents of folders below those shown.
Yesterday I’m pretty certain there was a small dropdown to the right of each folder which meant I could minimise them, today I can’t.
Appreciate any help on this one please?

Can you please provide some screenshots or a video of the issue?

When my window is smaller than the list of the folders I can just scroll down…

Thanks for your help, I have now solved the problem.
I had so many folders and I wasn’t able to scroll to the bottom ones. I found that if I extended the asset panel, I was allowed to scroll to the bottom.
Similarly pressing ‘replace’ on an image with the ‘narrow’ asset panel greyed out all the folder boxes - with the panel extended, it didn’t.
Maybe not a bug, but very strange behaviour!