How do I make the website respond to user clicks

I’ve built websites for clients in the past. The use case for this specific client is they want for an item a customer selects to dynamically populate something LIKE a checkout, but it’s really more “ask about this item”.

I understand this can be done via form, but the client’s requirement is specific that it MUST appear as checkout.

No link to a site because I don’t know how to do this, and so haven’t gotten started.

If you are looking for “Get a Quote” cart functionality I would recommend you look at since they have this type of functionality and integrates easily with Webflow, whereas Webflow’s e-commerce is for e-commerce checkout.

I think requires that the customer make a payment to checkout.

The way the client wants this to work is to have the customer simply add items to a cart, but not have to pay for them to check them out.

They have a quote function that is exactly what you are looking for.