How do I make the text come from behind the mountains?

How do I make the text come from behind the mountains? I am aware I will need a png of the mountains w/o background but then how do I make the text come from behind it? I am talking about the section titled “We Drop-Off”

Thank YOU!

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If you go with the separated image approach, the basic solution is to give the container relative positioning, and the elements ( mountain, text, etc. ) absolute positioning. Position them as desired and then give the mountain a higher z-index than the text, so it’s in front.

However that approach is expensive- the PNG mountain will probably be large, and making the entire thing responsive may be a challenge.

Personally I’d look into using a single background image with an SVG mask on top to mask the text. You’d need to look up some examples but there are quite a few videos, just google “webflow mask text” for ideas.

I looked that up. I am having trouble doing it. do you think you could help out?

Honestly that’s probably not the ideal work to hire me for- I think a lot of other designers here would be more adept at masking approaches. I’m more focused on coding, functionality, optimizations, complex behavioral aspects.

You might post a project description, links, budget, etc, and I think you’ll get some good replies. But if this is something you’re wanting to do on your sites regularly, I’d dig into those youtube tutorials and cloneable examples you discover through Google. Worth learning.