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How do I make the template separate pages?

This may be a dumb question - but I’ve been trying to figure it out like crazy. How do I make each product it’s own separate page but make it use the products template?

I’m trying to link the home page link div blocks in the hero section to these separate pages… It doesn’t seem to let me!



Hello, @savyount.

For being able to link these products to their template pages you will need to use Dynamic list instead of row inside the “Column2”. Then you can use the same design structure and classes, bind elements with data from collection and then link will have an option in the settings to connect the link to the Dynamic Template.

More information about using dynamic lists you can find in the Webflow video tutorials

Let me know if you will have more questions.


@sabanna thank you for your help!! This was exactly what I was looking for… Now I’ve run into another problem you may be able to help me with. Each product has different “charts” I’ve created, as well as, a few buttons will have different text for each page. Does a template not allow me to do this? Like basically, I would need to completely create a separate page for each and not use templates at all?