How do I make the hero image change with multiple images?

Hello Webflow fam,

I’d like for the hero image on the right to change with an animation effect. The actual animation effect isn’t that important but maybe a fade in fade out effect? The idea is we’ll have 6 images on rotation that show 6 different use cases.

How might I go about doing that?

Thank you!

You will probably be best off just using a slider element with the hero images in each slide. Hiding the slider nav and slider buttons and setting the transition to Fade In/Out (you can customise this is you need)

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Yes! That’s the answer. Thank you Tommy

One thing I’ve noticed with this solution is that the slider stops autoplaying when the mouse has hovered over. Do you know how to disable this? I’d like for it to constantly fade in/out regardless of whether the mouse is hovering over the slider or not.