How do I make my clothing brand e-commerce website more responsive

I have been working on a clothing brand eCommerce website for months. It’s is quite hard for me to make the website responsive to every device. The site looks different in different browsers. I am figuring out the best practice for a responsive website in webflow. My site link is given below


Hi @Tsering_Dhondup, thanks for your post.

It may help to start with a specific page first, can you let us know a page that you would like help with?

Two articles that may help are:

  1. Intro to breakpoints: Breakpoints | Webflow University
  2. Intro to responsive design | Webflow University

And I would also check out the Flexbox example Layouts page at Visual CSS flexbox builder | Webflow

Hi @cyberdave thanks for recommending those videos. I watched them and those are pretty helpful. The specific page that I am talking about is shop page. I need help with gird measurements with all the different device.

video recording of my website