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How Do I Make My Button Menu Responsive to Any Width screen?


I’ve got a button menu for all device widths.I want it to be responsive on any device with any width so that it will always be in the top right corner, below the navbar.
Right now I’m doing it in a weird way. I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong with the positioning, but putting the nav menu on Fixed and in the top right corner doesn’t have the desired effect. I’ve therefore made an improvised version where I move it manually a number pixels to the right, for each of the four device widths webflow has. But it’s very poor designing…

I’m also trying to make the navmenu the width of the largest item in the dropdown menu, yet I don’t know how, so I’ve set it at a certain percentage, which is also not so desired…

If anyone can help with any of these problems, especially the first, I would appreciate it.

Yoram Raz

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Do you mean like this?:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for responding.
Well, that’s how it was originally, but I want the nav menu to be a specific width, for example 20% or 250px, and at a fixed position at the top right of the screen (and below the navbar).

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