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How do I make artwork crop to the bottom of a section?

In the hero section of my website, I have an illustration of an X-Acto knife that I created in Illustrator and saved as SVG. I want the bottom of the illustration to be cropped and flush with the bottom of the hero section, but no matter what I do, there remains a small sliver of unwanted air that won’t disappear. Can someone have a look and help me figure out how to solve this annoying problem?


Here is my site Read-Only:

There are at least three ways to immediately accomplish what you want. The fastest and easiest solution is select your image 5 and give it some space on top.

Now why didn’t I think of that? Thanks, TheCat. BTW, how else can cropping be achieved?

In this particular instance, you have your image (5) inside it’s own Div (7). That means you have the option of padding to push the whole Div down.
Another, but not such a good idea, is to move Div 6 up to meet the graphic. Or even that whole section for that matter.