How do I make a text link to my CMS Categories?

At the bottom of my Blog in the footer, I would like to have links to a certain CMS Category. I have a “Blog Categories Template” created and inside my “CMS Categories” I have 5 categories setup: News being one of them.

How can I link the text to go to my News category page which will display all my blogs associated with that category?

Hi @Kayne_S

Within your Blog Categories Template page:

  1. Insert CMS element and link to your Blogs CMS Collection.
  2. In CMS element settings:
    Add filter:
  • Blog Categories
  • equals
  • Current Blog Category

Hope this sorts it.

I cannot find “Insert CMS element”.

Can you please post a screenshot on where I can find this?

If you’re just trying to add a footer link to a specific CMS Page, you’d create a relative link there to the page you want. Depending on your slugs it would look something like;