How do I link gallery slider images to other pages?

Hi all, as mentioned in the headline I would like to link the images of a slider so that I can click on it to go to other pages. How do I do that? If I want to insert a link block I get the hint from Webflow that it is not possible (Link can not be placed in a Lightbox Link). In the example I used a gallery component from Relume.

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Hi @Leuchtstoff Please see screenshot.

  1. Add a Link Block under “gallery22c_slide”
  2. Move everything under “gallery22c_image-wrapper” to the new Link Block
  3. Rename Link Block to “gallery22c_lightbox-link” to keep the styling for now. Feel free to duplicate and rename class.
  4. Delete the Lightbox Link element
  5. You are now able to link the slide to a page.
  6. Copy/paste the slide you’ve just made and adjust images/styling to each slide as required.

Hope this helps.

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:pray::heart: Thank you so much @WisdomainUK. That is exactly what I wanted, I am so happy :smiling_face: