How do I keep the text just over the image?

Hi all,

Trying to troubleshoot on my site. I want the Sold/Sale agreed text box to only run across the main image. I’ve managed to do it for the home page, but on the main property page it’s stretching across the page. What am I missing?

This is how it looks on the home page, and is what I’m trying to recreate on the property template -
Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 08.33.00

This is how it currently looks on the property template -

Please click here for read-only version.

Thanks all.

Hi @ukulesley and welcome. You need to set position of your Property Hero Image to relative. You can find more informations about “why” for example here.

you can also visit Webflow University

Hi @Stan OMG such as easy fix. THANK YOU!

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