How do I incorporate Webflow into my Laravel workflow?

We designed our website in Webflow (love the tool, want to continue using it,) and now we’ve passed it off to our Laravel (PHP) team and they have incorporated all of their tags via blade templates, etc.

Now we want to make further changes… how does this work?

Ideally, we would have an import feature so we can re-import the Webflow HTML/CSS including the newly added PHP tags (which ultimately, Webflow could simply ignore.) However, since importing is NOT (yet?) a feature, what are some common workflows to accomplish what I’m trying ti achieve here?

Is Webflow only good for the creation of the initial template? Or are there ways we can iterate, alongside the backend engineers, improving the look-and-feel over time while maintaining the dynamic aspects of the code.

Thanks! We’ve been stuck on this one for a while.