How do I implement a max price input filter using finsweet

Like the post says, How do i implement a maximum price using finsweet cms filter. I have an input box with fs-cmsfilter-field=“price” and the same attribute to my price text on the cms items. I also added fs-cmsfilter-range=“to” based on their documentation but this didn’t work. I then created a second input box and added fs-cmsfilter-range=“from” but same result, once I put a value in either of the boxes with an fs-cmsfilter-range attribute, I get no result. Is there a way I’m supposed to implement this differently, or does finsweet filter not support this? i find it strange because it was working when they were using CMS Library. Please help. Thanks


I ran into the same problem now. Did you manage to solve this problem or did you use another solution?