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How do I have a 1, 2, 3 service sale steps on website?


I’m currently making a website for a mobile car wash company.

On the website my client wants the user to be able to

  1. pick a service SUV, SEDAN, BIG SUV selection,

  2. that takes them to a page for set prices depending what they chose, they click on a price they want to purchase and then it takes them to step three.

  3. for booking an appointment. They also need to be able to apply extra’s like water spot removal $50 dollars, and then they have the option to add a discount code.

I thought I was able to do all of this by adding a form and a square-up button for the sale. But the client wants a 1,2,3 step approach. I’m totally lost and I’m not a developer.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hi @poryak

There may be other solutions, but my experience has been great with @foxy

Josh recently helped me build a webflow form with variables, and next steps depending on previous field selected, which then created a transaction in the Foxy cart ready to pay. Discount codes can be created no problem too.

Same as you, i’m not a developer, but working with Foxy is like having e-commerce developers on your team - it’s that good!

Drop them a line with your exact needs and they will advise you - very responsive.



Thanks for recommending us @StuM!

@poryak We’re more than happy to walk you through how to set this up with Foxy. At your convenience, feel free to message us or email We can then setup a Skype/phone call.


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