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How do I get rid of double scrollbar?

The right nav bar should be pinned when you scroll by. This works - but it has 2 scroll bars now. Any ideas out there how I can set up it better?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If you set the fixed nav bar to overflow: hidden you won’t be able to scroll :slight_smile:

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Hi Hamilton,

Thanks so much for your reply. Haven’t figure it out yet unfortunately.


Okay! Could you post your public-share link again? I will take a look and try to explain it better


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Thanks Hamilton!

Okay I may have it figured out. It looks like the ‘Flex Wrapper’ is set to 100vh. This is okay, except that the sidebar is content has a larger height than this. I changed it to 125vh, then set the side bar to overlfow: hidden and that seemed to work okay. This will also affect the size of the main content though.

Or a better option:

Check out the interactions on the hero section :slight_smile:

That may be what you’re trying to accomplish!!

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Thanks Hamilton :slight_smile: Planning on another lay-out for now - So it won’t be necessarily for my anymore. I would probably run into in in the future again. Much appreciated.

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