How do I get checkout form, items in order, and order summary values


I am having trouble integrating Stripe payments on my checkout page. I was thinking to grab all user data from the page and send to my Airtable backend. I want to be able to pull the values from the checkout form, items in order, and order summary sections.

Anyone know how?

I tried function like below, but it is inconsistent:
var zipcodeTextField = document.getElementById(‘zipcode’);
zipcodeTextField.onkeyup = function(){
zipcode = document.getElementById(‘zipcode’).value;

Did you solve it? I’m trying to do something similar, and got stuck :slight_smile:

Why not just plug you webflow orders to your airtable through integromat or zapier automation ?
All the informationn from the webflow order form as well as order totals and items in order are part of what webflow sends.

The things that webflow doesn’t send with checkout are the fields / inputs / selects you add in custom code.