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How do I get back to my own hosting and remove webflow hosting?

Hello, I need to cancel my hosting with webflow so that I can move my page to another hosting provider. How can I do this??


Click on Publish in the designer, then there’s an “unpublish” link in the popup.

I deleted the domains that appeared in the hosting tab, and now my site is gone. By doing this the $4.99 /mo will be cancelled right?? Now I need to know how to point to my other hosting provider because my site shows a 404 page because it is still pointing to webflow servers

Setup a hosting account at with a provider.

Then go to your domain registrar and point the NS records to the new host.

Do you have a host ?

Well I deleted all the things that were related to webflow and were pointing to it in the DNS section. I do have a my hosting service right now, and I think it should be configured correctly but I am still getting a 404 error in my site. So I’m guessing it just has to propagate??? I don’t know.

Propagation depends a lot on your registrar… and where your server is.

Registrar often recommend 23 to 48 hours.

We (our servers) always get updated within seconds.

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