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How Do I Get A Domain Through Webflow?

Hello gang.

I’m brand spanking new to Webflow and haven’t even started building my site just yet. But I’m skipping ahead by asking this question in advance: I saw in the hosting packages section that it’s possible to register a domain through Webflow. How would I go about doing this and what does it cost?


I don’t believe this is a feature.

It’s probably for the best. Have your domain with a domain company such as namecheap. More flexible that way.

Hi Eve. Thank for responding.

Hmmm…Okay. They say it’s a feature in the first hosting package. But I will check out namecheap. Thanks!

This is false. Webflow has a seamless integration that allows you to purchase a domain directly with Google Domains and have it added automatically to your project @bellybuckle

Thanks Samliew! I appreciate you clearing that up for me.


Do note that not everybody can open a Google Domains account depending on which country you are from.

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