How do I get a CMS video to show in a container?

Hi everyone,

I’m probably being silly but I’m trying to do something which I thought would be very straightforward but is proving impossible.

I want to use the CMS to showcase various audiovisual projects. Accordingly I’ve set up a Video section of the Project template. So far so good.

However, when I try to incorporate the Video (hosted on Vimeo) into the template itself it won’t seem to show in the container. If I insert a photo into the container too, the container appears to take the shape of the image and the video displays too. However, as soon as I delete the image, the container shrinks completely and the video no longer displays as a result.

If I insert the video in the section itself (i.e. not within a container) the magic padding settings mean that unless I want the video to fill the screen, which I don’t, it’s not possible to make the video itself smaller using Max Width. So I had (clearly rather naively) thought I could use a container with a max width to house the video.

So my question is: is there a way to force a container to fill a % of the screen (rather than relying on its contents to create its shape) but subject to a max width, so as to retain its responsiveness without filling the entire screen.

Any ideas would be very welcome!