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How do I fix the ''padding'' at the top of a navbar I added on a new page, so that it matches the other pages?


I created a new page and added the nav bar to that page. However, it is not consistent with the other pages on my site, and if I try to change the padding, all the others are affected too, so there is no way for me to make them the same (without your help!)

The page is called ‘careers’ (needs a lot of work, I know).

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @cjeancouture,

You probably figured it out because from what I see navbar looks exactly same on all pages. Only objects that change the navbars positions are lines, which has negative padding and cause structures changing.



No, I haven’t figured it out yet… please see the contact page, it is up higher than the other pages. There are a couple of pages with the same layout as the contact page so I need the fix to apply to those pages too.

As I mentioned already, you have element “line” with negative top padding. On some pages, this element is staying before all navbars, which makes all site wireframe moved up. Remove that line or put it in some other place.

Oh, perfect! That fixed it.

Thank you for your help!

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