How do I find which template was used?

I cant seem to find the original template for this site:

Did you buy one or just select a free one from the themes?

A former designer at my agency created it the site from a webflow template, but she is no longer in touch with us so we cant find out which one she used.

Goto Project settings > General. At the lower part of the page is a section called “Overview”. There is a “clone of” value with a link. Follow the link.

If that does not exist, then it is not from a template.

The problem is I only have access to the Editor portion, not the original interface used to edit the template. So my Settings option is literally just name and password settings.

If the email used by that former employee was @yourdomain , take control of the mailbox, or forward it to one you can access. Then request a password reset.

That email account was deleted and no longer recoverable :weary:

I cannot help you with that. You need to contact webflow support.

Your issue would probably be a site transfer.

Ok, I will contact them. I appreciate your help!