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How do I find a style?


We have several hundred styles, mostly due to that being the only way to do most anything in a RTE, and that mostly due to being forced into CMS pages because of the 100 static page limit (for want of a nail the kingdom was lost).

Anyways, how can I find a style we have in use? Ctrl-F doesn’t work unless it’s already visible. And I’ve scrolled through several times and don’t see it. But it’s there because it’s in use on the page and is working.

Is there some kind of search? Or a way to have the style manager display in alpha order? Or something???

thanks - dave

Do you know its class name and what type of element is using it?

Yes I do. I’ve got the element selected. The problem is finding it in the style manager.

What do you need to do with the style?

It’s being used to rotate text. Not my code and I’m trying to figure out how it does this so I can edit it. I figure step #1 is edit the style.

And the style settings don’t have anything for the rotating text. There’s also no Javascript for the page doing it. So it’s got to be some advanced setting in the style I’m guessing.

It’s near the top of rotating between the text document, workbook, & presentation. It looks like I need to edit the data-w-id attribute in a text span.

thanks - dave

It doesn’t seem like that element has a class. It seems that what’s causing it to “rotate” (it’s more like replace, there are better ways to achieve a ‘rotating text effect’) is either a script or a Webflow animation that hides/shows the different blocks of text. Make sure to check if there are no legacy animations being used as well, as this is something that can be hidden

That’s what I thought at first too. However, there’s nothing in the settings that would do this (there is a script but it’s for Google). It’s got a Text Span around it, but nothing I can see in WebFlow to do the replace on it.

Is there some other place/why to add in Javascript?

thanks - dave

Let’s do this. Can you share a read-only for your website?

That way I can have a look inside the project and find out what’s causing it

Thank you so much for helping.

Here’s the link -

thanks - dave

It’s definitely a Webflow Animation. All you need to do is find it. There’s one at the bottom of the animations list but I believe you’re the one who created that one, right?!


I haven’t created anything on the website (I have edited a bit of the content). How do I figure out where the animation is? Or is there a place with a list of animations I can look at?

thanks - dave

Videos 1 and 2 will answer your questions: