How do I filter a Collections List of staff members to display only a few?

I’ve got a collections list on a page that currently lists every employee at the company.
I want to display only 5-6 of the employees (representing one department).

Example of the employees I want to list:

My first thought was, “I’ll just create five filters with Name = John, Name = Sara, etc.” but then discovered filters override each other if they have the same convention (like Name).

What should I do? Do I need to create an entirely new Collection just for that one department and reference the collections list with that?

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@troyANFT you can create an option/switch field in the collection called “is visible” and set it to ‘on’ for the people you want to list. Then on the page in the collection list settings, you can add a filter that is “Is visible” is “on”

Will this cause problems down the road when I try to build out the collections list for another department on another page?

I suppose I can create an infinite number of switches for different departments, so perhaps this is the solution. Thank you!