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How do I display the same navbar/menu styling for desktop and tablet views?

I’d like to display the same ‘webpage like’ navigation on desktop and tablet views. How do I tell tablet mode to use the desktop menu, and to stop displaying the mobile menu?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello Chris,

you can achieve that by selecting the landscape mobile view in the Navbar Settings:

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I tried that, but it only hides the menu icon/button. The button does need to hide, but the problem is the nav menu is still styled like mobile.

Maybe there’s some custom styling to the elements that need to be cleaned up. If you hide the icon the menu should inherit the style from the desktop view.

Do you mind sharing your read-only link so that we can check the issue?

Thanks Paul, I appreciate your help. Here is the read-only link.

As I can see there’s some class applied to the tablet view, maybe that’s the issue:

Try clearing them also for the children elements of the Navbar and that should work!

Thank you Paul, I will give that a try.