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How do I delete navigation bar from slider - it is covering a form under the slider!

I have a form directly below a slider and have turned off the visibility of the nav bar and arrows. The trouble I am having is that the nav bar area is still ‘active’ and has essentially disabled the first entry on my form (the one everybody clicks on to start filling out the form!) Well, one can click on the ‘edges’ of that first field (where the slider isn’t wide enough to impinge).

LINK: Webflow - CFAP

The slider is on page n75a

How do I actually GET RID of the nav bar in a slider? It is totally redundant anyway - swiping is the norm.

I currently have to fake-up the spacing of the div block and form under the slider to make it visually pleasing on the page (no need/desire for big chunks of white space - especially at the top of a landing page!).

It seems like this should be a no-brainer, but I see that this topic has been a bother for developers for many YEARS!

Now it’s my problem.
: - (

ANY help would be appreciated - it is killing my response rate right now.