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How do i create instagram sharing icons?

I need to promote instagram, but i cant, because there is no linkable button.

Does webflow offer an instagram social share button…

and if not, how do i get one?

I have to make this site finished in just 30 minutes!


Hey Elliot,

You will want to create a Link Block and set the background image to an Instagram icon that you upload from your computer. Make sure you said the size of the link box to the desired size (in pixels) then experiment with the provided upload tools (Cover, Contain, positioning, etc) when uploading the image to see what works best for you.

Alternatively, you can also put a button in and change the button style to have a background image as well - but it’s basically accomplishing the same thing.


Thank you. I tried that with a button, but the button stopped linking it never worked with the button.

Can you please help me via skype i have urgent problems regarding slideshow and i need to turn in project i am 1 hour late and problems keep happening.

I don’t think Skype is the best way to resolve this. Did you get it figured out in the last hour? If not, please provide a preview link to your site.

Follow these instructions to get a preview link and I will help you: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


I think skype is best way to solve this. It is much more direct and we will be able to directly see what i am experience and provide, direct, immediate response in a matter of minutes, whereas here

I have to struggle to explain things
and the answer is not as precise due to the fact that you cannot visually see what i am talking about.

We can make it easier for both of ourselves if you could help me via skype for 5 minutes… is that possible?


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