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How do I create/do to fill up the page correctly?

H Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have (I hope) a question that have an easy answer. I am TRYING to create my own homepage for my own company (selling myself as in recruiting and coaching) and have a (so far) very easy web page. How do I do to create the page so when I publish it the pictures and text will fill up the page nicely? Now when I hit the preview button or publish it the pics and/or text is cut in the middle and it doesn’t look that good. Do you understand? How do I do to have a nice and good looking/viewing page that fit the screen proper?

Thanks, in advance


See: Webflow - Branzell Solution IIII

I am still int he learning mode so… its not a page ready to be shipped as I am still learning webflow…

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Hej Peter!

Valkommen till Webflow! (Sorry, I lived in Sweden many years ago, but that roughly ends my Swedish capabilities). I am seeing the same visual look in both the Designer and Published site for me—have you made progress since initially posting here? Or am I misunderstanding your question?

Based on your description, these sound like normal experiences to have while learning to do layout and design on the web.

Some Webflow University courses that may be helpful:

– Dustan