How do I create a filter for my collection list based on a dropdown menu?

This is the the design I was given to replicate:

I am having a hard time coming up an elegant solution for this problem. I need to display the jobs in the proper categories(This part is easy).

What I dont know how to do is create a separate select tag that allows for the user to filter/hide items that aren’t in said location.

How can I make a collection list filter based on a dropdown value?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’ve only managed to filter or sort ‘Collection List Items’ using the below methods so far. I’d rather filter using a dropdown so if you resolve this please let me know.

Also, a couple of days ago Webflow released the ability to nest Collection Lists within themselves which should allow for better/more filtering options but i’ve not tried this yet .

Here’s a tutorial video for anyone else who comes across this issue:
takes a little bit of javascript, but the video creator walks you through it pretty well :slight_smile: