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How do I create a custom input field for checkboxes?

Hi again @Deepak,
I see the problem, will try to find solution and will be back


Ok, I got it.

  1. First of all, Radio buttons groups should be inside the forms
  2. Do NOT clone/copy radio buttons, but create them separately
  3. Every button group should have different name

After that, you can play around with interactions

Regards, Anna

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Thanks a lot Anna.

and please check the tab and help to get the tab heading once the tab is open and when i open the second tab that particular tab heading should appear.

With tabs interaction there is currently some issue. It works, only on published site, in the Designer preview mode it is not working :confused: Webflow team is working on this bug already. But at least it is works properly once you publish site.

ok. fine

Can help on one more thing

i need a white background nav bar when i scroll am unable to get this correctly, please help.

Ok, but you have white nav-links, they will be invisible

i didnt get it, can u please share a step-by-step guide?

You have fixed Navbar, there is links inside which is white color font. If you want white background for navbar, then change links color font to red, for example. Then do this steps:

  1. Inside the current navbar add div, give it class (for example nav-background) and position:absolute, aligning: full
  2. give nav-background some solid white color
  3. make its opacity 0%
  4. choose element which will initiate white background appear (when this element will go out of view), I would suggest take hero-banner
  5. create interaction for this element:
    trigger = scroll
    affect different element = nav-background
    scroll into view: opacity = 0%
    scroll out of view: opacity = 100%

That’s it.
Hope it is clear enough


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Thx Anna! i got it and came very nice.


Hello Anna,

Can you please guide me how to do the custom check box, like you have guided to do the custom radio button.

Hi again @Deepak,

All you need to do is give every element its own class. Then you can change and style everything, every part.
Here is example


Hi Anna,

I want the check box design like when i check it should highlight and when i uncheck it should be normal.

Hi Dave all the custom css are done i need help on interaction part

Hi @Deepak, ok thank, I am happy to take a further look at this.

Could you share some screenshots where the checkboxes are in your design, and could you describe in detail, how you want the checkbox interaction to work. When the check box is selected, what exactly do you want to happen.


When i check it should higjlight and its happening, but when i uncheck it should back to previous style

Did you highlight it with interaction?

Yes, i have given interaction

Well, then if you use click trigger, there you can use 1st click -highligt and 2nd click - back to previous style

i did the same thing but not happening…

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