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How do I create a custom input field for checkboxes?

Hello @Deepak,
Could you give us more information, please? What is the problem you have with creating such element?



i need to choose one of the option, can show how to do. please

Ok, sorry if my question wasn’t clear enough. Do you have problem with create design or functionality? Also, if it is connected with other elements could you share read-only link, please? It will help find solution much faster. Guidance of posting read-only link you can find here How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Hi Anna,

its about functionality
am creating form, which need to choose the title like as show in the attached pic

and one more help need for the same link

The tab head will have a text, i need to show on tab opens and hide on tab closes.

Hey @Deepak

To help you we need a read only link as @sabanna suggested :smile: here is how to get the link: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link.


and the page which am working that is page is on this link

Hello Team

can you people help??

Hi @Deepak. We are trying to find solution, it may take some time. :wink:

Ok, here is screen cast how it is possible to do. (Sorry, had to separate it on 2 parts.)
Creating and styling radio-buttons:

Add interactions:

Hope it helps,


Hi Anna,

Thanks a lot.

But i have one more issue here: for adult 1 one form for adult 2 one more form i created but the radio buttons are clashing, can u check…

Hello @Deepak, it seems you changed your project, I do not see any form right now on your site.

Hi Anna, its there on in 2nd tab

Hi again @Deepak,
I see the problem, will try to find solution and will be back


Ok, I got it.

  1. First of all, Radio buttons groups should be inside the forms
  2. Do NOT clone/copy radio buttons, but create them separately
  3. Every button group should have different name

After that, you can play around with interactions

Regards, Anna

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Thanks a lot Anna.

and please check the tab and help to get the tab heading once the tab is open and when i open the second tab that particular tab heading should appear.

With tabs interaction there is currently some issue. It works, only on published site, in the Designer preview mode it is not working :confused: Webflow team is working on this bug already. But at least it is works properly once you publish site.

ok. fine

Can help on one more thing

i need a white background nav bar when i scroll am unable to get this correctly, please help.

Ok, but you have white nav-links, they will be invisible