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How do I create a CMS category while rendering a page at the index? (Example inside)

Hi there! Here’s my dilemma:

I want to have a CMC for something like “Subjects”. When I do that, it’s obviously going to create a “Subjects Collection Page” that I can use to style all of the children (“Biology”, “Chemistry”, “Math”, etc.).

But when I do that, it automatically claims the slug /subjects making it so that I cannot design a page at that URL. So when I go to “” it renders the collection page and works great. However, when I go to “” it gives me a 404 because no route technically exists. If I try to create a new page at the slug /subjects it will give me an error saying that slug already exists.

I found a website built in Webflow that is doing this successfully — All book recommendations | Good Books

They are able to create a page at /people but also use a “people” collection page to render something like Margot Robbie's book recommendations (updated 2021) | Good Books

So I know it’s possible :sweat_smile: Has anyone figured out how?

(share links really not relevant here it’s more high level CMS strategy)

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