How do I configure my Google Domain to my webflow account?

I can’t seem to figure this out correctly, help would be greatly appreciated!

@DFink I read this but I am still at a loss and makes no sense to me!

Here is what my Google Domain is asking me

If you are going through Google Domains most likely you have an Enom account. You must go to your enom account to be able to change the information you need.

Enom Domain Login

Through there you can change whatever information you need to point your domain to Webflow’s Hosting.

What you took a screen shot of is not what you are looking for.

@monstermage I’m not sure I understand! I’m new to the whole getting my own domain thing… Would you be able to help dumb it down and step by step for me?

Do these:

##Add an A record for your domain with Webflow’s two IP addresses:

##Add a CNAME record for your www subdomain:


@samliew what do I put in place of the “@” and the “www”?

oh you know what! I did this and it worked!! :raised_hands: thank you!

@CreativeExpressions You are welcome

Thanks @samliew, this is exactly the screenshot I was looking for!

It’s not on Webflow’s support page for adding a custom domain.

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