How do I combine elements of multiple free templates?

Hi, I’ve been tearing my hair out over this all day - I’ve tried troubleshooting multiple times, but I just can’t get anything to work.
I’d like to add the following free template slider (cms-pricing-slider-l0isx3jn - Webflow) to a blank page in my website (which is on the CMS plan). I then intended to slightly edit the slider names and values etc.
I’ve imported the code, I’ve imported the CSV files, I’ve unbinded the bound elements, I’ve tried all manner of different copy/paste methods (including copying it over within a div block), but nothing seems to work.
All I manage to get when I publish my site to check it, is the sliding bar, with a constant $0k above it, and no colours. So literally the only component that seems to be working is the sliding bar, I guess. I would really really appreciate any help on this. I’m surprised webflow doesn’t yet have a simple way to copy/paste elements from free (and indeed paid) templates, into your own personal websites, but maybe I’m totally missing something here! (hopefully haha)